Our Technology


Trust Vending’s helloGoodness Machines Offer a Premium Experience!

Getting the machine is easy! And using it is even easier!

Seamless, state of the art technology is leveraged at every phase for a superior customer experience. 

Beautiful design, will look great anywhere it is placed!

Provides nutritional profile of each product on digital touchscreen

Takes cash, coins, credit/debit, and virtual wallets like Apple PAY

Allows for more than one product to be purchased in a single transaction

Our Surevent technology ensures buyers receive the products they’ve selected

Self monitoring for safe temperature control

ADA compliant

We monitor remotely, 24/7, and are notified of constant inventory levels so you’ll always be stocked with the products you love.

Our Machines:

A. Snack/Beverage Combo - chilled/ambient snacks and beverages.

B. All Beverage machine - provides numerous beverage choices consumers love. Typically placed next to the snack/beverage combo machine.

C. Solid green 100% Beverage machine - provides fewer options than the All Beverage machine. Typically placed in high volume locations along with the other 2 machines; or, as a stand-alone in a low volume location.

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Digital Touch Screen Technology

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Nutritional Facts

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ADA Compliant


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